SRQ Lip Fillers

Laurie, Lifestyle Influencer and author of SRQ’s popular blog,, says…

“I have been talking about getting lip fillers for almost five years now. After finally finding the best place to get my botox and other facial needs done aka Elite Medical Spa of Sarasota I knew it was time to go for it!

As I have said in my previous blog posts on botox, Elite Medical Spa of Sarasota, Jeff Goldstein (Owner) is amazing and all of his work is perfection so I knew if I were to get anything done it would be through him and Elite Medical Spa of Sarasota.”

Laser IPL in SRQ!

Laurie, Lifestyle Influencer and author of SRQ’s popular blog,, says…

“Last time I was at Elite Medical Spa of Sarasota for my botox appointment I spoke to Owner, Jeff Goldstein about my rosacea. I have always had redness on my cheeks and nose. I have tried dermatology prescription treatment but since my skin is so sensitive it never worked and it just amplified the problem!

Jeff recommended treating my face with Laser IPL. Since I am new to this whole advanced skincare I had never heard of Laser IPL before.

Laser IPL (Intense Pulse Light) is used to treat sun damaged skin, facial capillaries, brown spots, rosacea, and even fine lines! When I set-up my appointment I set it up for one full face treatment. A full-face treatment at Elite Medical Spa of Sarasota is $325, which is super affordable. With Laser IPL you can get your face, chest, hands, neck and even spot treatment done.

Let’s Talk SRQ!

Laurie, Lifestyle Influencer and author of SRQ’s popular blog,, says…

“I have had so many requests on what is like to have aesthetic injections done, where to go and how long it lasts I figured I would make a blog post on my newest appointment. First off I want to say it took me four years to find a place in Sarasota that I trusted and believed in. For the longest time I would drive all the way to Tampa just for my appointments and then the past year I just stopped all together. Not because I didn’t want too but because I didn’t have the time to drive over an hour and still had not found the right business to work on my face. May sound strange but I feel like your face is what everyone sees first and is your first impression and I did not want to mess that up (literally).”

Carnival at Elite Medical Spa of Sarasota

Not too long along we were getting ready for our 1st annual Carnival event happening at Elite Medical Spa of Sarasota!

This event means a lot to us as it is our way to say thank you to each one of our clients! During the event, we made sure to find internationally performing talent to put on a show.

We gave away over $10,000 in products and services in our raffles. There was tasty food, an open bar, and premium pricing for all who attended!!

Thank you again for being apart of Elite Medical Spa family and we are looking forward to seeing what the next year has to offer!

Photo by Gianna R. Kramer

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Lip Fillers…

“Lips come in all sizes and some clients are just born with a great lip platform,” Goldstein says (for the record, he mentions that I have a “great platform” which I’ll hold on to for the rest of my life).  “I get many clients who come in with small lips and show me pictures of celebrities who have large lips. These clients, unfortunately, will likely never have a ‘natural’ looking larger set of lips. As I add filler to the lips, the lips turn back and the more I add, the more they turn. So ultimately, if we try to make a smaller set of lips larger, they can appear unnatural and ‘fishy.’ For these clients, I tend to use a little Botox to help turn the lips back and fill them just enough to enhance the natural beauty. Clients who have a natural medium or larger lip size are so much fun! We can keep them slightly filled and they always look great or really fill them and they really enhance the whole look. They typically always look natural!”

Why more people in their twenties are getting injections

Jeff Goldstein, PA-C, is the owner and clinical director of Elite Medical Spa. He says he sees more and more younger people coming in for injections.

“They’re getting on the trend of wanting to have less wrinkles before they begin, before they get too deep,” Goldstein said.

Goldstein says injectables in your 20’s can prevent the wrinkles from forming in your 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.

“By getting it injected, it eases those muscles, it relaxes the muscles, so the wrinkles never get deep enough,” Goldstein said.

Latest Rejuvenation Techniques at Elite Medical Spa in Sarasota

Jeff Goldstein, PA-C
Owner, Clinical Spa Director

Many of us are concerned about our overall health and appearance, beauty and rejuvenation. However, it is so difficult to decide which provider of the latest techniques in rejuvenation is superior and or the most effective. And what is the best service? Lasers? Injections? Peels? All of the above? We discovered the best-kept beauty secret in town!

Enter in the beautiful Elite Medical Spa of Sarasota-as soon as you walk through the doors, you know you have entered someplace special. You can feel beauty in the air. The ambiance is high-end resort spa, the vibe is laid back, coastal elegant.

We had the pleasure of meeting and working with Jeff Goldstein, who took a few minutes to chat with us on his background, the spa’s concept and the latest in techniques in beauty and rejuvenation- stay tuned though as there is much more to come! Jeff is charming, warm and puts you at ease immediately.

According to Jeff, the concept behind the spa was to provide a relaxing and zen feel while giving clients a 5-star experience.  They wanted to make sure it was “homey” and it works, as clients love to sit in the lounge area and almost fall asleep.  They also wanted to provide affordable prices to everyone for rejuvenation.  Everyone deserves to feel and look beautiful!